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The Life Athlete Podcast with Peter Shmock

Aug 17, 2017

I’ve known Jeff since the early 90s when he owned a studio in Seattle  called Inside Moves. It was home to one of his passions, Aikido, in which he was very accomplished, yoga classes, as well as his work as Feldenkrais practitioner. And as soon found out, a very gifted one at that. Jeff’s role as a teacher has had a tremendous impact on my understanding of human movement, and how I work with people today. I only wish I knew him during my own career as an athlete.

In his words “Every day I am enriched by helping my clients to discover their own implicit ability to learn; helping them refine their own function, and enhancing the quality of their lives in ways that are simple yet profound.”

 He studied with Dr. Moshe Feldenkrais directly, and in 1983, founded Inside Moves. He has a successful and fulfilling private practice working with a wide variety of clients ranging from those with severe disabilities to martial artists, dancers, rock climbers, PGA golfers and NHL hockey players.