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The Life Athlete Podcast with Peter Shmock

May 22, 2018

John O’Sullivan, a former high level soccer player and youth coach says youth sports are broken. He’s on a mission to change how youth sports become a ultra competitive , adult centered enterprise that has taken the fun and ‘play’ out of ‘play ball’ and how to fix it.   

Kids say the want sports to first be fun. And it’s far from being that, as injury rates are skyrocketing and 70 % of kids are dropping out of organized athletics by the age of 13.

John is advocating  that coaches and parents join in to shift the paradigm in youth sports by learning to listen to their kids, be more patient with them, allowing them to fail, and being more grateful. These subjects and many other make this a most listen if you have kids in sports and even if you don’t. Right on John!